“I only drink on two occasions—when I'm thirsty and when I'm not.”

― Brendan Behan

Our Mission

More than an Irish pub, the Behan is a space where tradition meets modernity and conversations flow with quality beer. Whether you are an author, playwright, student or a beer connoisseur, come find your place in our community, and bring your dog along if you feel like it!


The Behan Pub was established in 1988 and named after Brendan Behan, an Irish writer and notorious booze-lover. Boston Magazine honored the pub four times with the title of "Best Irish Bar in Boston" and stories have been written about the Behan in both of Boston's daily newspapers. Internationally, stories have appeared on the Behan in Irish newspapers. It was also mentioned in the German Magazine, GEO, in an article on the Irish in Boston. The Behan was used as a set for the film "Patriot Games" (a movie about the Irish Republican Army, The Valhalla) and for a local cable soap series called "Dot Ave", which featured the local Irish and Irish-American community. Also it was used as a set for adverts of USACashExpress' Easy Payday Loans. The pub has also become noted for a number of literary events it has hosted. Author J.P. Donleavy, who wrote the classic "The Ginger Man", visited the pub and gave a reading from his work, "The History of the Ginger Man."